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Customer Reviews

What our clients have to say about their healing experience at Essential Therapeutic Healing.

"I've been seeing Dan for therapeutic massage every other week for over 3 years now.  When I first visited, range of motion in my neck due to osteoarthritis was practically nonexistent, getting progressively worse over a period of several years; treatment by orthopedist, physical therapy, and chiropractor only made it worse.  I also had issues with lower back/sacroiliac pain and spasms, also due to osteoarthritis.  Over a few months of regular massage therapy (and ever since), I regained just about normal ROM in my neck and all the other issues with my back have been under control.  To say this has been a life-changer is an understatement.  Living with chronic pain can wear you down emotionally, and Dan has worked miracles with my pain issues, giving me back a higher quality of life.  I agree with the other reviews -- Dan is amazing and his massage skills are a gift.  Highly recommend Essential Therapeutic Healing!"

Sue Klein Streisguth

February, 2018

"Dan is absolutely amazing!  I've been a returning client for over a year now. Scoliosis and stress  make my muscles tense and body twist. One weekend I suffered from a herniated disk and could hardly walk without sharp pain. I contacted Dan for help. He carried me in to get massage therapy and afterwards I was able to walk out!!
Dan's knowledge of muscles and how the body works gets amazing results every time. I walk out straighter and relaxed. Thank you Dan!"

Mandy Ohlandt

October 2017

"Dan is an amazing massage therapist who goes above & beyond the call of duty to help people!  He truly cares about helping you feel better! I cannot say enough about his abilities!  Make an appointment & see for yourself!"

Jill Farrington Burnley

March 2017

"Such a miracle to be healed with the power of touch.  I spread the praises of Dan and his healing hands."

March 2016

Susan Stiles-Giello

"I have been a returning client for almost 2 full years! I make a point of seeing Dan preferably every 2 weeks but, sometimes have to wait 3 weeks as he's so popular.

This massage therapist is a gift from another world. He is amazing. Dan is VERY caring and does his best to assure that muscles and maladies are treated. He uses many wonderful essential oils which benefit in numerous ways. When I leave his office I ALWAYS feel much better than when I walked In! I highly recommend him!!"

January 2018

Mary Peppe

I cannot tell you how GREAT I feel today! I made an appointment for my husband 2/3 .... I cannot wait to see Sarah again Wednesday... she has some serious skills!

January 2018

Sue Christeliet

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