Natural Sanitizer Options

We have always preferred and used natural options when it comes to sanitizing and cleaning. Lately everyone seems to be out of hand sanitizer and cleaning products, so we thought we would share some things that we use regularly that are very effective.

Tea Tree Essential Oil - contains anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Mix a few drops with a carrier oil (coconut oil is a great one as it also contains antibacterial properties) for a fantastic hand sanitizer.

Thieves Essential Oil - its primary ingredient is ethanol (like hand sanitizers) - it neutralizes viral and bacterial pathogens. Like Tea Tree Oil, works very well when mixed with a carrier like coconut oil. Or, combine all three for a powerhouse sanitizer. Only a few drops of each are needed.

Grapefruit Seed Extract - derived from grapefruit, it contains powerful anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. It works well on skin (mix with coconut oil or aloe), and works very well internally (take a few drops with some juice) to combat bacterial infections and fungus. If you are concerned your fruit or veggies might have been exposed to pathogens or parasites, soaking them in water with a few drops of GSE will kill them off. Let them soak for 5-10 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

Vodka - believe it or not, Vodka is an extremely powerful bacteria killer. The higher the proof the better. Mix some vodka with a little water and aloe or coconut oil (to prevent dry skin) and you are good to go. No need to purchase the pricey kind, look for a cheaper variety of the highest proof possible. Don't forget the coconut oil or aloe though - it is very drying and cracked skin is just another avenue for infection to get in. Even better, add some Tea Tree or Thieves oil for extra protection.

Need a surface cleaner? Try combining one part lemon juice, one part white vinegar, and 2 parts water in a spray bottle. This combination alone will eliminate most bacteria (as well as being a fantastic cleaning formula) - but add any of the options mentioned above and it is a very powerful bacteria killer.

We really hope this helps anyone out there that is concerned because they have not been able to find any sanitizers or cleaners. It is a crazy time right now, but this too shall pass. Stay rested, stay hydrated, get out in the sun, and take care of one another. Much love to all.