Urinary Tract infections be gone!

We have all heard that cranberry juice is effective for relieving the pain of urinary tract infections. While this is true, you need to drink a lot of it to combat the infections. The actual component of the cranberry juice that combats the infection is a sugar called d-mannose.

D-mannose coats the lining of of the entire urinary tract, not allowing bacteria to attach. This causes the bacteria to be eliminated naturally through urination, avoiding and relieving any infection.

I personally have used this product many times and, as always, we never promote anything that has not worked for us, the results have been astounding and there are no side effects.

We currently do have this product available in our office located on the outskirts of Lehigh Valley in Bangor, PA and on our website under the name of U-Tract. On our website, U-Tract comes in a capsule form and a powder form.

Watch for our announcement in the very near future, as we will have our very own d-mannose product available very soon!

As always, wishing health and wellness to all!


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