Announcing our very own Chewable Cherry Vitamin C!

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We are very excited to announce our very own Chewable C supplement! It is non-GMO, gluten free, and vegetarian.

Vitamin C supports your collagen health. It helps form red blood cells, provides antioxidant protection against free radicals and supports your immune system.

When you take any vitamin C supplement, if you take more than your body can absorb your body will eliminate it by urinating it out. When you take a smaller dosage two or three times a day, you will absorb it all and feel an increase in your energy, and not waste a drop of that valuable Vitamin C.

The best thing about this supplement is it tastes great! It is an excellent supplement for anyone that has difficulty swallowing capsules or tablets, and for children because it literally tastes like candy.

If you are local to our area, contact us - we are giving out free samples at our officelocated on the outskirts of Lehigh Valley in Bangor, PA. For anyone not in the area, Chewable Cherry C is available on our website.

As always, wishing health and wellness to all!


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