Looking for a natural way to help you fall asleep after a stressful and anxious day?

We all have days when we are anxious and stressed out. Sometimes it is very difficult to shut out the stresses of the day and just relax.

There is an herbal remedy called R-Tran that can help. It contains Valerian Root and Blue Vervain. It is a very gentle and natural formula. There is none of the grogginess that you might expect from normal anti-anxiety medications.

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Valerian Root is a natural herb that has been used as a sleep aid for over 1,000 years. It can help relax the nervous system, promote feelings of calm, decrease anxiety and stress, and enhance sleep.

Blue Vervain is called a "natural tranquilizer". It has been used as a mild sedative and nourishes the digestive, nervous, and respiratory systems. It is used specifically for anxiety and nervous exhaustion following long term stress.

It has NONE of the harmful side effects you would find in a pharmaceutical remedy of this type.

R-Tran is available in our online shop.


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