Relief for Urinary Tract Infections

Let's be honest, urinary tract infections are horrible. They are painful. Unfortunately, they are a part of life. The good news is there is a product available that can help you heal quickly.

At Essential Therapeutic Healing, we only promote products that we have tried ourselves and found to be beneficial.

Have you ever been told to drink cranberry juice for a urinary tract infection? That is actually very wise advice, as cranberry juice contains a sugar called D-Mannose, which attaches itself to the bacteria that causes the infection and prevents it from taking hold on your body. The bacteria is then flushed out. The only problem is that it can take a long time to heal this way, because the concentration of D-Mannose is very small.

We are pleased to announce we have contracted with Professional Laboratories to provide their amazing U-TRACT product to our clients. U-TRACT is the same D-Mannose you will find in cranberry juice, but in a much more concentrated scale. I have personally used this product and found relief within a matter of days.

If you are dealing with an infection and would like to try this product, stop by our office located on the outskirts of Lehigh Valley in Bangor, PA or you can order online by clicking here for capsules:

Or here for a powder you can mix with water or juice:

This is an amazing product that we are never without.


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