Broad Spectrum Anti-Bacterail, Anti-Viral, Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fungal. 

LDM-100 4 oz

  • If you are new to LDM-100 you could develop a one-time detox rash.  This rash can cover a small percentage of the body or be full body.  It can be itchy, swollen, and very uncomfortable and sometimes accompanied by fever and purple welts.  If you have never used Lomatium we recommend starting with the MunityBoost formula.  It was designed specifically to prevent the Lomatium rash.  You can also take Dandelion root either in liquid or capsule form for a few days prior to taking Lomatium and continue taking Deandelion root for the first week of taking Lomatium.  This seems to help the body process the detox reaction and in most cases lessen the chances of a rash, the severity of the rash, the severity of the rash in people who still get it and in some cases - prevent it all together.  You should always start with a very small dosage when taking Lomatium for the first time, approximately 5-10 drops in water once a day for the first week for adults.  You can even start with 1-5 drops for the first week.  Starting slowly and building up the amount you take over a period of time will help to prevent the rash, which is caused by detoxing too quickly.