Our Favorite Essential Oil Diffusers are . . .

Droplet Diffuser

With a runtime of up to six hours and 400 square foot coverage, the Droplet has plenty of oomph in a little package. Its minimalist design helps it blend into any room, making it perfect for diffusing at your desk at work. Turn on the color rotation for a fun mix of blue, green, purple and red as you diffuse.

Spring Diffuser

Soothing tree branches are illuminated by soft background lighting to help you calm your spirit and your space. The Spring can hold up to 180 ml and has a runtime of up to six hours, making it an excellent mid-size diffuser. This diffuser’s calming design is perfect to display in the living room or bedroom, and is an excellent gift for anyone who enjoys essential oils.

Enlighten Diffuser

Remote Controlled

The Enlighten Diffuser looks good enough to have out when you have company and is durable enough for everyday use. It has several lighting options and includes a remote control. It works great in spaces up to 200 square feet. The flickering light option can be perfect for setting the mood and enhancing any atmosphere.  

Klenzor Diffuser Cleansing Tablets

With one deep cleaning tablet, say goodbye to old stains, residue from essential oils and mineral buildup that can keep your diffuser from working properly. Eliminate and neutralize the aroma from lingering past essential oils. Simply fill your diffuser with water, add 1 Klenzor tablet and run for a minimum of two hours. Brush, empty, rinse and enjoy.


The recommended frequency of deep cleaning with Klenzor tablets depends on how often you use your diffuser, and what oils you use in your diffuser. Heavier oils require more frequent cleaning.

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